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What is an INVERTER air conditioner? How does it work?

A conventional air conditioner operates at fixed speed: it delivers a fixed amount of cooling capacity via fixed compressor speed. An INVERTER air conditioner utilizes an intelligent advanced control that regulates precisely the compressor speed to constantly adjust delivered capacity to meet the desired room temperature. This smart technology guarantees a comfortable and stable temperature, with less energy consumption compared to a Non Inverter system.

Why do you need INVERTER in Middle East?

The amount of cooling (heating) capacity required depends on the outside temperature and the heat inside the room to be treated. Since the outside temperature varies all year long, but also during the course of the day, the cooling requirements will also vary all year round. Only a smart system – Inverter – can constantly adjust the delivered capacity to meet the specific requirements.

The Daikin INVERTER Difference

  • Higher energy efficiency all year round, for a lower electricity bill and lower carbon footprint: up to 50% energy savings!
  • Quick and powerful cooling
  • Quieter operation
  • Longer lifetime against traditional systems

Who We Are

Since 1993 MACSONS SAL was one of the key Air Conditioner suppliers in Lebanon. After being the exclusive distributor of ACSON International for 22 years, the company was officially appointed as the Authorized distributor for DAIKIN’s DX product line, best known as the Global Number One Brand in air conditioning.

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