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Who We Are

Founded in 1993, Beirut by Mr. Mazhar Malas, MACSONS SAL acquired the exclusive distributorship of ACSON International for the Lebanese market: a premium air conditioning Malaysian brand, exported to more than 50 countries in 5 continents and with an annual turnover of USD 1.4 billion.

Since the late 90’s a rising middle-income group in the Middle Eastern countries has fueled a double-digit boom in the construction with a demand for buildings and housing facilities. Furthermore living standard improvements and growing consumer demand, expansion of the air conditioning market is expected to further accelerate.

MACSONS SAL specializes in the Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of air conditioning systems for small, medium, and large scale construction projects all over Lebanon. All units are manufactured under ISO 9002 standards and display "CE” and "UL” markings for distribution in the European and American markets. With a primary focus on providing excellent after sales service. 

Our Timeline

Official DAIKIN Business Partner Recognition for MACSONS SAL as the Authorized DX Inverter Distributor in Lebanon.
Official Launch Event of appointing MACSONS SAL as the the Daikin DX Non Inverter Product Line Distributor in Lebanon.
Being a 22 years old solid distributor and key player in the Lebanese Air-conditioning trade sector, Daikin signed a M.O.U with MACSONS SAL for a distributorship in Lebanon.
DAIKIN management unified all brands under its umbrella (ACSON, McQuay) into one global brand "Daikin”, and put all its efforts to aggressively market Daikin worldwide especially in the GCC, Middle Eastern and North African region; by converting the existing network of distributors into Daikin distributors all over the world.
ACSON International became part of Daikin Industries Ltd, one of the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world, and officially holds the Global N.1 position in Air-conditioning annual sales amounting to $10 Billion USD.

Synergizing Daikin's strength in ductless air conditioner technologies, together with ACSON’s strength in ducted air conditioner technologies, led towards achieving the world's largest HVAC manufacturer.
MACSONS SAL founded and acquired the exclusive distributorship of ACSON International for the Lebanese market

Management Team

Mr. Mazhar Malas
Founder and General Manager

Mr. Louay Malas
Managing Partner

Our Mission

A young company proving its achievements over the years revolving around one focal point: an escalating added value to clients. Through constantly providing superior environmental and living comfort, coupled with Technology and Support in the Air Conditioning sector.

Our Values

  1. Commitment: to business ethics towards our clients
  2. Reliability : in product supply and support
  3. Integrity: our word is our contract

Who We Are

Since 1993 MACSONS SAL was one of the key Air Conditioner suppliers in Lebanon. After being the exclusive distributor of ACSON International for 22 years, the company was officially appointed as the Authorized distributor for DAIKIN’s DX product line, best known as the Global Number One Brand in air conditioning.

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